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Our Apps are free to make them affordable to more people and contribute to the development of humanity. Our best payment are yours 5 stars.

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Mobile applications can bring content to millions of people around the world. We supplement this idea making Apps for people.

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Our applications have quality content, usable and unique, that promote good practices, culture and peace.

Our Skills

We are a company which developed owner Apps for Windows Phone, Windows 10, android & IPhone/IPad
We want to position our apps in the first places in the stores.

We create mobile and web, agile, user-friendly, reliable applications with content of value to our customers, in a sufficient economic, free in the case of the mobile technology of last generation, adjusted to the parameters of demands of end users.

We are confident that as technology based company we are providing quality of life and in the case of our Catholic Apps are evangelizing in the digital age, since the portability makes it possible to access the Catholic prayers preferred by the Catholic community in the world from any mobile device.

  • We are a company dedicated to the creation of mobile applications for Windows Phone, Android & IPhone.

  • Our slogan is "Free apps for life" we make apps fully usable, functional and provide quality of life and an approach to peace.

  • We care about the objectives of our apps so check continuously the 3 variables: quality, usability, satisfaction

Our Apps

Our apps... our pride and joy!

Santo Rosario

Holy Rosary with Audio
Is a Catholic traditional prayer which commemorates mysteries of the life of Jesus Christ


Gesture Vintage Audio player
the App simulates a Cassette movements and play the music of your phone.

Kanban Board

A free personal project manager
A free personal project manager with Kanban methodology, it allows Multi Project & tasks.

Pico y Placa

Vehicular restriction with GPS
The ‘Pico y Placa’ is the name given to the restriction of vehicular circulation for some cities in Colombia and Ecuador.

Santo Rosario in Youtube

My Cassette APP in Youtube


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